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a pathway for multiplying spectators into mature disciples

Centering Discipleship

a pathway for multiplying spectators into mature disciples


by E. K. Strawser 

foreward by JR Woodward  

Discipleship without mission is discipleship without Christ.

The church often lacks maturity and missional impact because discipleship is at its periphery. In order to get discipleship to the center, leaders need a locally rooted, culturally contextual discipleship pathway to tether disciples who are disciplemakers to the neighborhood or network around them.

Pastor and discipler E. K. Strawser shows that when discipleship becomes central to your leadership and community, then discipleship becomes central to congregational mission and cultural renewal. Centering Discipleship is a gutsy practice-based guidebook for leaders who are doing the hard work of re-imagining and re-structuring their churches and communities to turn spectators into missional, mature followers of Jesus.



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Centering Discipleship 

InterVarsity Press
(July 2023)

"If local expression of discipleship is not integrated with a discipleship framework, it will be more influenced by local culture than influencing culture." ~ e. k. strawser 


Centering Discipleship is a book that's needed for our time.  

In our culture, churches, and communities that leave discipleship anemic and in the periphery, Centering Discipleship will help pastors, practitioners, market-place and community leaders alike to humbly and strategically move discipleship to the center.  Centering Discipleship focuses on imitation over instruction, moving disciples into the neighborhood over Sunday worship services, and laying out a vision for movement over the church.  


Centering Discipleship focuses on the pivotal work of tethering Christ-like formation to Christ-like mission in your locally-rooted place.  It's a timely book for leaders who want to center discipleship in our post-Christian post-pandemic era.

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